Company Overview

Name Crown Works Co., Ltd
Location 1805 Shioduka Komo,Nabari City,
Mie Prefecture 518-0606 Japan
Phone +81-595-63-5341
‚eax +81-595-63-5342
Established June 1953
Capital \10,000,000
Manufacture and sale of Plastic Bobbin for sewing machines
Injection molding of plastic
Assembly of plastic containers for medicine and cosmetics
Hostamping on plastic
Ultrasonic welding of plastic
Assembly of engine parts for automobiles
1953   Operations launched in Osaka as a maker of metal bobbin for sewing machines.
1958   Certification obtained for JIS system.
1974   New plant constructed in Nabari City, Mie Prefecture, to accommodate business growth.
1978   Production launched for plastic bobbin for sewing machines.
1978   Production launched for injection molding of small plastic products.
1979   Production launched for assembly of plastic containers.
1987   Main office moved to Nabari City for company consolidation.
1992   Capital increased to \10,000,000.
1995   Production of metal bobbin discontinued, and only production of plastic bobbin continued.
2003   Production launched for assembly of engine parts for automobiles. 
2007   Expanded equipments as 100t/160t injection molding machine.
2008   Expanded clean room for assembly of containers of medicine
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